Since 2006 year NOVA has been appeared on the Georgian market with the imported production. For the years the number of Nova’s partners is being growing.

At the Nova’s showrooms and in its realization network all over Georgia there are represented:

"RIGIPS"- Member of the French brand, “SAINT-GOBAIN” family

"RIGIPS" produces: Gypsum plasterboards and plasters. The brand’s well-known products are: Universal Plasterboard Tile “Habito”, acoustic tiles, energy-efficient plasters

"IZOCAM" - Member of the French brand, “SAINT-GOBAIN” family

The "IZOCAM" energy efficient insulation materials are being used widely all over the world. The brand’s well-known products are mineral-based, ecologically clean insulation materials: Glasswool and stonewool.

Turkish brand "BETEK"

Since 1988 year "BETEK" has been operating upon all over the Turkish market. NOVA is an official dealer of the Betek Fayfiks (gummy cement) in Georgia.

Turkish brand "BIEN"

The ceramic tiles of "BIEN" are being represented over 6 continents, in 66 countries. NOVA presents exclusive collection of the Bien ceramic production in Georgia.

Turkish brand "TEMPO"

The friend of nature, "TEMPO" paint is member of the Alsecco family which is leader company of the European market. The manufacturer of paint is Turkey and its paints are being represented into the NOVA’s realization network.

Chinese brand "INGCO"

Electric and auxiliary tools of "INGCO" with its quality provide us with energy efficiency, with intensity of labor usage and with reliability of exploitation. The brand is being represented all over the world. NOVA is an official dealer of Ingco.

More than 100 brands production is being presented in NOVA. Among them there are materials which NOVA use for the manufactory of roofing materials, Polyethylene water tanks, plasterboard profiles and accessories.