Since 2011 year NOVA has been started developing its producing/manufacturing lines.

On the first stage NOVA has been started producing of roofing materials by color, measure and shape.

Since 2012 year NOVA has been started planting of plasterboard profiles and accessories manufacturing lines.

In 2014 at the NOVA’s Batumi branch it is being opened the Polyethylene water tanks manufacturing factory.

In the same year NOVA has been started producing painting and plastering angulars.

In 2015 NOVA expands the roofıng materials producing lines at renewed Batumi branch. In 2016 at the same branch NOVA also expands the producing lines of plasterboard profiles.

In 2017 at the Batumi branch, NOVA starts producing plasterboard profiles and metal-plastics profiles with European standards. Also according to the market requirement the company expands its producing lines and starts producing an open-type water tanks.

At the end of 2017 building materials company NOVA has become the manufacturer of more than 1000 named Polyethylene water tanks, more than 30 named roofing materials and accessories, more than 40 named plasterboard, metal-plastic profiles and their accessories.

NOVA is a manufacturer of about 200 named Georgian products. The manufacturing is being realized with modern standards at NOVA’s Tbilisi and Batumi branches.